Fleur De Sel


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Elevate your meals with My Fabulous Food’s Fleur De Sel
  • Turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary culinary masterpiece with one of the most prized salts in the world - Fleur De Sel.
  • Fleur De Sel means “Flower of Salt” in French.
  • Fleur De Sel consists of hand-harvested young salt crystals that form on the top of salt ponds or salt marshes.  This celebrated salt has a coarse, yet wet consistency.
  • This beautiful moist sea salt adds oomph to meats, vegetables, fruit, and desserts - such as creme brulee or caramel cheesecake.
  • This sea salt comes in My Fabulous Food’s signature reusable black violet glass jar that protects the moisture of the product.
  • 3.8 ounces

Please Note: This unrefined sea salt is a moist salt and has more moisture than other salts due to the harvesting process.  Please read the description carefully prior to purchasing.  It is not meant for adding to foods during the cooking process; it is a delicate moist sea salt that is specifically for finishing dishes.