Surf and Turf Salad

Surf and Turf Salad

September 28, 2021


For the crème fraîche ranch:


  1. Allow the steak to rest until room temperature.  Coat both sides of the steak with avocado oil and season generously with A Shot of Espresso and the Herbed Pepper Blend by My Fabulous Food.  
  2. In a bowl, season shrimp as well and set aside.
  3. Allow a skillet to warm until medium-heat and sear the steak on 3-4 minutes on each side with either duck fat or butter.  Remove the steak from the skillet.
  4. While the skillet is still hot, sear the shrimp for approximately 2-3 minutes until completely cooked.  Remove from skillet and set aside.
  5. On two plates, begin to assemble the salad.  First, place the arugula on the bottom layer.  Slice the steak and place even amounts on each plate.  Add an even amount of shrimp on each plate.  Add the cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and red onion on the salad.
  6. Finish the salad with crumbled Red Wine Sea Salt, beet sprouts, and crumbled cotija.  Squeeze fresh lime on the salad.
  7. To make the ranch, whisk all ingredients together until combined.  Drizzle on top of the salad.  *Note: Taste as you go and adjust ingredients accordingly.  Enjoy! 

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